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Welcome to My Alien Life, a blog that explores alternative realities where the impossible becomes possible. We celebrate creativity and invite you to engage in storytelling, poetry, and reflection on life beyond the ordinary. Join us on this journey of exploration and imagination.

  • Is God real?

  • Are we plugged into the Matrix?

  • Are we suspended in animation?

  • Do you question your existence?  

  • Are you tired of the gatekeepers? 

  • Is there life beyond the stars?

  • Are we sheep led to the slaughterhouse? 

  • What is the periphery?


Paddy Noble is Maori from Aotearoa, New Zealand.  He is an Anglican Priest with experience working locally among Maori and across Asia.  He has worked with the Ecumenical Movement in Hong Kong, Indonesia and lived for 25 years in Cambodia. 


He is a blogger and writer of poetry, short stories, articles and journals.  He hopes to pursue his goals of publishing fiction, poetry and theological-inspired reflections.  Paddy can express his thoughts creatively by utilising words, imagery and other digital platforms to illustrate a story.

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Savann Sek Profile, My Alien Life Blog

Savann Sek is Cambodian-American.  He comes from a generation of refugees in the late 1970s who left Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime.  In 2009 he returned and now lives in Cambodia.  Today he aspires to run a gym as a fitness coach.


His life story could seamlessly fit into an action-packed movie plot from his past.  He often contemplates his reality retrospectively based in Cambodia and growing up in the USA. 

Our Encounter

Paddy and Savann sparked an immediate connection and bond with each other.  United by their mutual comprehension of life on the fringes of societal norms, they understand what it means to be outsiders. Their perspectives on the world are unique, residing beyond the confines of conventional existence.  They often reflect on what it means to see the world from a perspective that is both different and similar to each other.   Although they come from different life experiences and realities,  they gravitate to shared interests and ideas and reflect on life beyond the stars.

Our Journey

My Alien Life celebrates storytelling by embracing nuance, blending truth and fiction.  We invite you to join us on a journey where we shapeshift, bend time and gender, and explore alternative theories that unveil the extraordinary within the ordinary.  We aim to cultivate a readership and community that cherishes storytelling, journaling, poetry, reflection, and open conversations about life.  We encourage critical thinking,  different perspectives, and asking thought-provoking questions that expand our understanding of the world and the universe.

Our Expedition

My Alien Life captivates and inspires through a fusion of imagination and intellect.  We seek to ignite curiosity and spark transformative conversations that transcend conventional narratives, delighting our readers.  We provide a platform for alternative thinkers, writers, and bloggers to share their unique voices, ideas, and visions.  By fostering a supportive and inclusive community, we celebrate creativity, encourage personal growth, and embrace the beauty of individuality.  

Our Destination

We aim to build a vibrant community of alternative thinkers, writers, and bloggers who actively contribute to the collective exploration of life's mysteries and possibilities.  Together, we harness the power of social media platforms to connect with a broader audience, creating meaningful interactions.  We value the input of our readers and aim to engage them through discussions, polls, and sharing their feedback and experiences.  Through these interactions, we seek to cultivate a network of like-minded individuals who engage in dynamic conversations, share their stories and insights, and collaborate on creative endeavours.


Life on the periphery.  Follow the journey and share your voice.   Subscribe, follow, comment and share.

Looking forward to a whole new world!


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