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Jewels of the Night

In the heart of summer’s heat,

Cicadas’ love song,

A serenade illuminated by streetlights,

I’m mesmerised,


Kiss, kiss, kissing in swarming fireflies.

As I look in awe, gazing around,

Rubies and sapphires glisten,

Sparkling in a heavenly glow,

It makes me wonder,

Memories of helpless nights,

Remnants of joy and disaster.

That chorus of “hum” drifting through the air,

A gentle reminder of days gone by,

The heat across the fields,

The moon, the sky,

Whirring wings towards passersby,

The reason why I smile, bejewelled delight,

Decadent humming, their chorus line,

Singing their torch song

of love and praise.

Cabasa rattling in Latin dance,

Echoes in sonically filled moments,

Serenading their love song,

To her dancing wings.

Beads of sweat on the brow,

Lustful choreography across the sky,

When days were happier, a dancer’s delight,

Light up the night,

That flicker of light illuminates silver wings,

The humming entices me more.

Panoramic sound in the cityscape,

Like lovers in heat, they deplete,

Murmured noises capture my ears,

Wretched longing in night and day,

A love call in the silence pierces,

Stagnant, brooding summer breeze.

Rustling flora’s leaves,

In green and neon Caribbean blue,

All I can do is remember you,

That marring sombre tone,

If you stay,

Like a DJ playing the same song,

In the summer breeze,

Where lovers basked,

Like stars on a quiet night,

Draws me in twilight dusk,

That whirring tambourine,

When the winds change and shift.

Forever young,

Melancholic nostalgia all around,

Cicadas settle in drones,

Another dawn in times of sleep

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